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11/20/2016 | Member News, Spot Events
Slacktopia at The Spot

Spot partnersDon’t miss this epic slackline extravaganza! Slackline Industries will be rigging slacklines up all over the gym for you to test your abilities, and if you show us that you’ve got some sick moves, you may even get a chance to walk the highline between the Font and Hueco boulders!

All levels of slackers are welcome, and it’s a FREE MEMBER PARTY – members and their guests are free! Non-members are just $15 to get in, so be sure to join us for a party full of music, beer, food, and awesome raffle prizes.



10/4/2016 | New Stuff, Staff News
John Whelden

Hometown: Nantucket Island, MA
Hobby: travel, books, adventures
Music: wood brothers, Jerry Garcia band, all bluegrass
Vacation: Chilean Patagonia dirt bagging
Quote: “He is the richest whose pleasures are cheapest”
Movie: The Last Trapper, Jeremiah Johnson
Book: A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, Desert Solitaire
Climbing since: February 2016

We’re excited to welcome new front desk staffer John Whelden. A great guy who loves the outdoors, climbing (of course) and snow boarding. Orignially from Nantucket, John still co-owns a lobster/clam restaurant back east, but moved out here for school and the mountains. Say hi next time you see him!

Why did you join the team at The Spot?
Because I love the easy going vibe.

What do you love about working at The Spot?
Getting to hang out with all my friends, sharing laughs, meeting new folks and spraying people with terrible beta.

Why do you climb?

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Chilean Patagonia with a pretty wife, ocean in the front yard, and mountains in the back yard… and a dog named perro.

Anything else you’d like to tell folks?
Be nice to your mother!


2016 Spot Psychedelia

Our awesome partners

 Thanks for coming, you made it awesome!



Results: youth – adults

The Spot’s 2016 Psychedelia is almost here, and this year it’s LOST AT SEA! Get ready to lose yourself in the waves and undersea playground… we can’t wait to see the awesome theme costumes you come up with!

Our glow-in-the-dark, blacklight event is well-known as one of the biggest and best indoor climbing events around! Hundreds of climbers dress up for our bouldering comp and party filled with wild decor and twisted problems with all manner of special features. We’ve done trampolines, rope swings, slides, hanging toxic waste barrels… who knows what we’ll come up with this year? With tape art from local artists, a huge raffle, beer, food, costume contest, and much more, this is not your traditional climbing event. Don’t miss the fun this year!

This year’s Psychedelia is presented by La Sportiva and Nite Ize! We will have great prizes for the best dressed guy, girl and team in each session!

Still costume planning? Read these great tips and tricks for your Psychedelia costume by our head route setter Jackie Hueftle.

Special Tiny Tot Blacklight Adventure during the 9:30-12:30 including blacklight games & activities for younger children 4 to 9 years old! It’ll be a fun time for your little climber and includes a costume contest, but kids registered in Tiny Tots are not scored and do not get a raffle ticket. Kids registered in Tiny Tots must be accompanied by a parent.

Check out media from past events:
Psychedelia 2015 photos
Psychedelia 2014 photos and video
Psychedelia 2013 photos
Psychedelia 2012 photos
Psychedelia 2011 photos and video
Psychedelia 2009 video
Psychedelia 2007 video
Psychedelia 2005 video

Entrance Fees
Competitors $45 ($35 for Spot members, youth competitors include one youth spectator)
Tiny Tot Blacklight Adventure $10 (for young kids 4-9 years old, accompanied by parent)
Youth Spectators $10 (youth competitors & tiny tots include one youth spectator)
Adult Spectators $20 ($15 for Spot members)
Raffle tickets $2 each, or 3 for $5

Which Session Should I Register For?
That depends on the age of the competitor. The first session (C/D/TinyTot) is for younger children born in 2004 or later. The second session (Jr/A/B) is for older children born 2003-1998. The later adult session is only open to children who want to earn a chance at Finals and to be scored with adults.

8:30 am – Outdoor registration opens for C/D/TinyTot
9:00 am – Doors open & review for C/D/TinyTot
9:30 am – Climbing begins for C/D/TinyTot
12:30 pm – Climbing ends for C/D/TinyTot (food, raffle & costume contest to follow)
12:30 pm – Outdoor registration for Jr/A/B
1:00 pm – Doors open & review for Jr/A/B
1:30 pm – Climbing begins for Jr/A/B
4:30 pm – Climbing ends for Jr/A/B (food, raffle & costume contest to follow)
5:30 pm – Outdoor registration for Adults
6:00 pm – Doors open & review for Adults
6:30 pm – Climbing begins for Adults
9:30 pm – Climbing ends for Adults (food, raffle, costume contest & Finals to follow)

Note for youth competitors & spectators: this event sells out and due to our capacity we are asking each youth competitor to only bring in one spectator each. In addition, we will not be able to admit you to the adult session of Psychedelia. However, we will have a costume contest and huge raffle for the youth sessions! And around 10pm youth competitors (not spectators) will be invited to watch the adult finals AS ABLE, IF SPACE ALLOWS. Thanks in advance for your understanding. If you want to guarantee entrance to the adult Psychedelia please purchase an additional adult spectator pass. To be eligible for Finals, you must register and compete in the adult session.

Note for Spot members & customers: the gym will be closed to general climbing both the day of the event and the two days prior. Spot members are able to climb for free those days at the Boulder Rock Club (thanks BRC friends!)


Nite Ize

Nite Ize is an awesome local company that makes a ton of cool solutions for any aspect your life. You’ve seen racks of their gear at McGuckins, REI and Home Depot. You’ll see Nite Ize all over Psychedelia, and while supplies last new EFT or annual PIF members get to pick their very own Nite Ize gadget as a bonus!


9/10/2016 | New Stuff, Staff News
Sarah Filler

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Hobby: Climbing, Reading, Star Trek
Music: Punkish
Vacation: Not a beach but anywhere with climbing.
Quote: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” -Spock
Movie: Donnie Darko
Book: We Are The Ants
Climbing since: March 2006

Why did you join the team at The Spot?
I originally joined the team to further my setting experience and feel like I am still doing that today. Setting at The Spot has taught me a lot. Boulder is also a pretty great place to live!

What do you love about working at The Spot?
One of my favorite parts about working at The Spot are my coworkers. The people I work with everyday are hilarious and everyone at The Spot feels like a family.

Why do you climb?
I climb because it pushes me mentally and physically and I love the feeling of when something clicks and you can make progress or send something you’ve put a good amount of time into.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
Mars for sure.


The Gun Show at The Spot

Spot partnersIt’s time for The Gun Show and our annual USAC Bouldering comp and you want to be there! We’ve been hosting these events since we opened our doors, and they’re always a blast for ALL abilities and ages. Try your hand at 50 brand-spankin-new boulder problems set for your enjoyment. And if you make the cut you’ll get to compete in finals with a chance to win some of the $500 cash purse! And of course each session enjoys food and drinks (Avery beer for 21+) and a HUGE raffle featuring an Asana crashpad, La Sportiva shoes, Rab jacket, Zeal sunglasses, and more!



9:00 doors open for youth
10:00 youth USAC C/D start
12:00 youth USAC A/B/Jr start
12:00 food served
1:00 youth USAC C/D end
3:00 youth USAC A/B/Jr end
Youth raffle shortly after end

$45* for USAC Local registration (become a USAC Member or pay our reg fee plus the additional non-USAC member “$10 Day member” fee; either which should be done directly through USAC before you arrive.)
$0 for USAC Local spectators (but limited to one parent per child in the gym)
*Add $5 for registration on the day of the event (save $5 by pre-registering online)

RAFFLE TICKTS (must be present to win):
1 free upon pickup IF YOU PRE-REG
1 free when you turn in your scorecard
additional .. 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 (15 for $20)

NOTE FOR TOP USAC YOUTH COMPETITORS: you may establish your USAC score during The Gun Show but you must register for the earlier USAC Local. To be eligible for finals all competitors must compete during in The Gun Show.

4:00 doors open
5:00 climbing starts
6:30 food served
8:00 climbing ends
Finals and raffle to follow

$20* for The Gun Show competitors that are Spot members (evening only)
$30* for The Gun Show competitors (evening only)
$10* for spectators at The Gun Show
$2 raffle tickets or 3 for $5
*Add $5 for registration on the day of the event (save $5 by pre-registering online)

RAFFLE TICKTS (must be present to win):
1 free upon pickup IF YOU PRE-REG
1 free when you turn in your scorecard (2 if you’re a Spot Member!)
additional .. 1 for $2 or 3 for $5 (15 for $20)

THE GYM WILL BE CLOSED to general climbing both the day of the event and the day prior. Spot Members are able to climb for free those days at the Boulder Rock Club (thanks BRC friends!).



8/8/2016 | New Stuff, Staff News
Amy Ostrowski

Hometown: Woodland Park, CO
Slacklining, Climbing, Digital Painting, Video Games
Mostly chill electronic but a little of everything too!
Vacation: Thailand. I dream of deep water soloing in Railay.
The Back to the Future trilogy
Rock Warrior’s Way
“Every day may not be good, but there’s something good in every day.”
Climbing since: 

Why did you join the team at The Spot?
My first time ever climbing was at The Spot and I fell in love with not only climbing itself but the community and atmosphere of The Spot as well. It’s one of my all-time favorite places!

What do you love about working at The Spot so far?
My coworkers. Each and every one of them is an adventurer in their own way and I love coming back to work from the weekend and hearing their awesome stories.

Why do you climb?
Climbing for me (and probably many others) is a competition with my past self and no one else. I’m always striving to grow stronger both physically and mentally, achieve my goals, and overcome obstacles. Right now, fear is my biggest obstacle in climbing but I’m working hard to build that mental fortitude. I know that all of the work I put in will help me in other aspects of my life as well.

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?
I have yet to travel out of the country, so I hope to have visited many new places by five years from now and be back in my homeland of Colorado. I feel incredibly fortunate to have lived my whole life here and I think that will always bring me back!

Anything else you’d like to tell folks?
Climb safe!! Everything can change for you in one single instant. Double-check everything!


Asana Crashpad Rentals at The Spot

We are really excited – we just refreshed our rental crashpads with BRAND NEW pads from Asana!



2016 Welcome Back Bash and Parkour Jam 2

Spot partnersDon’t miss Welcome Back Bash! It’s our annual party to welcome students and climbers back to Boulder after a fun summer, and it’s always a blast! And it’s FREE TO EVERYONE so bring your friends!!

This year we’ve invited our friends at APEX Movement to stage Parkour Jam II. You’ll have a chance to try some parkour moves in and out of the gym, and then at 8pm the pros will be throwing down on a full course. Check out the video from last time when they literally jumped out of our office windows:

Parkour Jam window jump

On top of that we’ve got a full line-up for YOU:

  • First 150 members get limited edition Spot patch (see below, BMR can even heat press it onto your gear that night) as well as a free taco from McDevitt Taco Supply!
  • Huge shoe demo (at least La Sportiva, Scarpa, Red Chili, Tenaya, Evolv) so you can pick out the perfect shoe for fall sending!
  • Vendor village with great deals on partner stuff so bring some cash!
  • Free cold beverages from Avery Brewing and Upstart Kombucha
  • Tacos for sale from McDevitt as well as goodies from Clif Bar and Boulder Ice Cream
  • Screaming deal on memberships available only that night
  • Door raffle with great stuff from our partners
  • Great bouldering, music and vibe like always at The Spot!

Bring your friends!!

Spot patchWe’re excited to have Boulder Mountain Repair onsite to heat press our limited edition 2″ Spot patches onto our member’s gear at the event! The item you bring for the patch should be clean and both sides need to be pressed. This will not work well on insulated jackets, shoes, or anything with a smooth nylon finish (many backpacks). Works great on porous fabrics, most pants and shirts, chalkbags, cotton/poly. For long-term placement we recommend adding some stitches around the patch when you get home, or take it to BMR and they’ll do it for you!