Teams & Club

The Spot Climbing Team is one of the premier youth climbing teams in the country. Team members are given opportunities throughout the season to compete at local, regional, divisional and national levels. The team trains at The Spot and other local gyms, as well as nearby outside areas. In addition to regular outdoor days, the Spot team also takes seasonal trips to popular bouldering areas like Joe’s Valley, Utah.

The Spot’s coaching team has decades of experience coaching, guiding, establishing new boulders, and climbing indoors and out at areas across the world. Several members of the coaching team are past or current competitors who have represented Team USA at international climbing events in Europe, Canada, the US, and Asia. Spot coaches love working with climbers of all levels to help them push their limits and achieve their goals. Learn more about our coaching staff here.

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Designed for the competition-focused youth climber who wants to take his or her climbing to the next level, this team will meet three days a week with our high-end coaches. This year, Competition Team members can expect  guest coaching from local professional climbers, fitness training from Alpine Training Center, team outdoor trips, and personalized training to prepare them for a season of competitions. We will be offering team membership to climbers of all ages that are truly focused on competing and self-improvement.

Ages:  8-18
When: Three times a week: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday
Cost: $195 monthly (includes monthly membership)


Designed for the teenage climber with a strong base of technique, skill and strength, this team is suited for the youth climber that is interested in greatly improving his or her skills. Coaches and peers will push team members both mentally and physically. Junior Team can look forward to high-end coaching from all of our coaches, outdoor trips, guest coaching from local professional climbers, and training from the Alpine Training Center.

Ages:  12-18
When: Two times a week: Tuesday and Thursday
Cost: $175 monthly (includes monthly membership)


This program is perfect for those youth climbers that are ready to take climbing more seriously. It is the first step in the progression for our youngest climbers to step into our committed and focused upper-level teams. These climbers will meet twice a week and receive the coaching needed to help them meet their goals as climbers and team members. This year, Youth Team can look forward to guest coaching from local professional climbers, outdoor days, training from Alpine Training Center, and fun competitions and events.

Ages: 8-12
When: Two times a week: Monday and Wednesday
Cost:  $165 monthly (includes monthly membership)


The Spot has a youth team for young climbers looking to explore the sport. This introductory team offers a little less commitment with plenty of opportunity to progress in climbing technique. Youth Club will focus the efforts of the students on fun, positive climbing-specific activities in an encouraging environment with experienced coaches.

Ages:  7-12
When: One time a week: Wednesday OR Friday from 4:30-6:30
Cost: $125 monthly (includes monthly membership)